Hair straightener comb


  •  Straighten by simply comb the hair.
  •  High quality tourmaline ceramic material.
  • 6 levels of temperature: 130 to 200 Celsius.

Instructions :
1. Please keep hair dry and neatly groomed before using.
2. Insert the plug into the proper socket.
3. Turn it on and adjust the temperature, you can use it when the temperature reaches what you want.
4. In the process of using, one hand pulls hair end and comb with straighter.5. If you want to keep straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion and softener lotion and wash clean before hair straightening.
6. It should not clip too much hair, if you want to clip more hair, you should slow down the speed in the process of drawing.
7. It will be turned off by an hour automatically, turn it on when you use it again.


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